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Tester Bottles - FAQ

Q. - What are Tester Bottles?

A. - Testers are authentic, fresh and 100% original. They are used by department stores to promote a particular fragrance and therefore are the same quality as the retail product. Testers are made by the manufacturer and may come in a plain box or without the fancy cap. All testers are new and unused. Because there is no decorative packaging, we can purchase these items for less and pass the savings on to you.


Q. - Do tester bottles come with original retail packaging?

A. - No, tester bottles come in a plain cardboard box.


Q. - Do you have photos of all tester bottles on your site?

A. - No, we may not have photos available for all tester bottles on our site. However, we try and provide photos for tester bottles where we can. At the end of the day, if you buy a tester bottle, you should know by reading this FAQ section what to expect. 


Q. - Do tester bottles come with caps?

A. - This is hard to tell, as some brands supply tester bottles with caps whereas some brands supply tester bottles without caps. Moreover, even brands which normally supply testers with caps, sometimes do not include caps from time to time. We do not have any control over this. 


Q. - Do you sell USED tester bottles?

A. - No, we do not sell any used tester bottles. All the tester bottles we sell are exactly as we received it from the supply chain. Sometimes, it does happen that you open the tester box and you can instantly smell the fragrance without even having sprayed it. This especially happens with stronger fragrances. This does not mean that it is a used tester bottle. This occurs due to the sheer strength of the fragrance and the nature of tester packaging. We guarantee that we do not spray any of the testers we receive.