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Riviera Lazuli by Atelier Des Ors

Fragrance Notes -
Lemon, cypress, bergamot, clary sage, cedar, gaiac, immortelle, fir balsam, incense

The warmest and richest of Atelier des Ors' Riviera trilogy, Riviera Lazuli is blissful blend of tart citrus and robust wood with a slow transition into a glowingly warm incense resin that evokes an unforgettable sunset over the azure waters of the Mediterranean.

The outstanding citrus notes that have defined all three scents is still here, bright, juicy and robust, with a characteristically energetic spray of saltwater, but while a complement of aromatic woods is still present and vibrant, Riviera Lazuli moves in a duskier direction, with incense and and hints of dried immortelle providing warmth and a touch of caramel-inflected spice. Balsam adds an even warmer element, evoking sun-heated driftwood and the glow of sunset on skin.

It's a perfect memory at the end of a beautiful day- a scent of wholesome indulgence and pure satisfaction you won't ever forget.