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Eau Capitale (EDP) by Diptyque

Fragrance Notes -
Bergamot, pink pepper, rose essence, rose absolute, rose concentrate, patchouli coeur

Eau Capitale is a chypre both respectful of tradition, and yet uniquely and romantically modern- a dynamic new study of balance and contrast featuring a fresh yet timeless take on the beloved style.

It still boasts a lively citrus opening, but with a twist- an especially green "vert de bergamote" of pronounced energy, paired with a burst of pink peppercorn, unique to the chypre style, which gives a cool, sparkling opening of notable modernity. The heart has a classic rose presence, but utilizing three distinctive expressions of Damascene rose: an essence, an absolute, and a concentrate, for a truly multifaceted and complex floral experience. And finally, in place of the traditional oakmoss base, a patchouli "coeur, " a fractional extract with a brighter character than traditional patchouli, which closes us on an invigorating and modern high.

Bright, fresh, romantic, and nuanced, Eau Capitale is a dynamic new chypre that proves that there's still ample life left in the classics- a fitting tribute to Paris if ever there was one.


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