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Rien Intense Incense by Etat Libre d'Orange

Fragrance notes -
Incense, rose, leather, iris, rockrose, oakmoss, pyrogenic styrax, patchouli, amber, caraway, black pepper, aldehydes.

Rien Intense Incense is a dramatic fragrance with a powerful sensuality. Bold incense and black pepper are combined with notes of rose, leather and balsamic amber for an unforgettably strange and wonderful potency.

Rien, which means 'nothing' in French, is quite the perverse name. Rien Incense Intense instead is maximal perfumery - big, bold, and full. Unsweetened leather and animalics, with a nebulous incense that pulls people right in. Rien Intense Incense is a challenge to the senses, apply with caution.