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Atomic Rose by Initio Parfums Prives

Fragrance Notes - 
Bergamot, pink pepper, hedione, rose, jasmine

If there's one thing Initio isn't known for, it's quiet fragrances- each release vibrates with an intense, sensual energy that's made the line an instant hit among stylish perfume lovers who want their signature scent to make a statement. Atomic Rose is another prime example of Initio's ability to find the harmonic balance between beauty and potency- a ravishingly sexy, invigoratingly unisex rose scent with liveliness and style to spare.

Built around a ravishing duo of lush, top-quality Turkish and Bulgarian roses, Atomic Rose showcases every facet of its titular ingredient with carefully chosen supplemental notes- a juicy pop of bergamot, a spicy buzz of pink pepper, and a sumptuous blend of real florals (authentic Egyptian jasmine) and seductive floral derivatives (a potent dose of hedione) to seriously ramp up the power and sensuality. A long-lasting base of sweet, musky vanilla only deepens the effect, wrapping everything in a swoon-worthy haze.

So no, Atomic Rose isn't the most naturalistic soliflore or softly-spoken feminine rose you've ever smelled- it's not meant to be. What it is, however, is rich, sexy, vivacious, and utterly unforgettable.