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Kemi by Kemi Blending Magic

Fragrance notes -
Cedar, Oud LaosGurjum, Caramel, Castoreum, Civet, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Woody Notes. 

The eponymous fragrance, kemi, borrows its name from an ancient egyptian pronunciation of the word meaning egypt: kême. Like ancient egypt, the land of the most renowned sorcerers, kemi lures you in with its enigmatic animality and gourmand dimensions. It swiftly opens with the bold hue of cedar and the intense resinous hints of the peculiarly gourmand caramel and laotian oud wood. A multiplicity of animalic and woody notes weaves in and out of focus and blend with the oozy caramel. Representing the power of magic and alchemy, kemi is a unique olfactory experience in the realms of animalic and oud scents.