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Oud Silk Mood (EDP) by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Fragrance notes -
Bergamot from Italy, Blue chamomile from Morocco, Rose from Bulgaria, Hedione, Guaiac, Oud from Laos, Papyrus from India.

Fascinating and full of contrasts like a piece of colourful wild silk, the OUD silk mood eau de parfum unfolds in an airy and sensual fashion. Woven from oud from Laos—a rare and precious natural ingredient—rose absolute from Bulgaria and bergamot from Calabria, its aura blends freshness and enchantment in a harmonious balance between Orient and Occident. A beautiful, Rose centric oud that is pillow-y soft, airy, and a little more floral with the hedione (light jasmine) note. The oud here is never overbearing, just enough to give it a long lasting woody-resinous drydown.