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Jardin Exclusif by Mancera

Fragrance Notes - 
Sweet candy, lemon, orange, green apple, white peach, Williams pear, blackcurrant, jasmine, rose, violet, grey amber, white musk, sandalwood, vanilla.

Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? If so, get your hands on a bottle of Jardin Exclusif immediately- exhilaratingly mouthwatering, this bewitching blend of citrus, florals and velvety fruits is sure to lead you into temptation. Eye-openingly fresh citrus and succulent waves of bright, candy-sweet fruit give a stunningly colorful complement to lush, seductive florals atop a base of warm, musky vanilla. It's a delight through and through, while also featuring enough fully grown-up sexiness to keep it from feeling childish or overly simple. In other words, it's an absolute must try for anyone looking for a little extra magic in their life.