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Galloway by Parfums de Marly

Fragrance Notes -
Hesperides, pepper, iris, orange blossom, musk, amber

Bred to adapt to the harsh climate and rocky mountains of 18th century Scotland, the Galloway stallion was a particularly stalwart breed, versatile, rugged and determined. For the gentleman who wants to display his own versatility and determination, Galloway, with its spicy-fresh blend of citruses, florals and musks, makes a powerful, yet easygoing, statement.

The star of Galloway is evident from the very beginning, a gorgeous spicy-fresh hesperide blend made from the peels of a melange of juicy citrus fruits, equal parts invigorating and fiercely masculine. A heart of earthy iris keeps us grounded in the crags and glens of Scotland, while a drydown of sexy musk and not-too-heavy amber gives backbone and longevity. Like the horse that bears its name, Galloway will always get the job done, no matter the terrain.