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Andromeda by Tiziana Terenzi

Fragrance notes -

Bergamot, cut grass, ylang ylang, water jasmine, lilium, violet leaves, Damask rose, pear nectar, white heliotrope, peach, coconut powder, amber, vanilla, cashmere, ebony, tonka bean, powdered sugar.

Andromeda is inspired by a natural miracle of mother nature that occurs once a year in the Italian countryside, near the Terenzi family residence for hundreds of years: the Blossoming - “La Fiorita”, Andromeda contains the majesty of this panorama and the ephemeral allure of the “Fiorita” (Flowered) festival. Andromeda's delicate freshness surrounds you and is with you all day. A scent with a reserved, but firm, personality, ignited by the memory of pear nectar and white heliotrope.