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Delox by Tiziana Terenzi

Fragrance notes -

White hyacinth, royal iris, coffee, turkish rose, vanilla, sweet myrrh, amber, white musk, acacia honey, cedarwood

Delox is inspired by the journey of sailing by boat around the Cyclades islands of the Greek archipelago and it’s bouquet contains all the colors and flavors of the most genuine and southernmost point of the Mediterranean. The essence of summer, without a care in the world, and full of inebriating scents blown into the area by the “Meltemi” winds is magically contained in this fragrance.

The strong aroma of coffee, made in an ancient "moka" (typical coffee-making machine) floats through the crisp morning air, penetrated by the iridescent light reflected in the sea. The gaze immediately hurtles towards that infinite blue, framed by plants and flowers with a strong scent, made even sweeter and more mellow by the faraway reverberation of scents of honey and sweet amber resin. The hypnotic force of white hyacinth, combined with the opulence of royal iris and ecstasy rose, surrenders itself to the embrace of sweet myrrh and roasted coffee, against a fine background of amber and cypress notes, mellowed by hints of honey. The entire combination is enhanced by the strong hint of Lebanese cedar wood.


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