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Orionis by Tiziana Terenzi

Fragrance notes -

Saffron, Incense, Musk, Ambergris, Red Patchouli, Tolu Balm, Benjui, Vanilla, Musk and Oudh. 

From the constellation of Orion here is one of the most wonderful journeys ever taken, in the wake of the Terenzi family’s olfactory library, to create a unique and unrepeatable Absolute. A limited edition perfume because of the limited availability of its essences and priceless molecules that once finished will no longer be obtainable. These are in fact ingredients belonging to the family library with over 50 years of maceration. Some of them are completely prohibited today. They can only be used by established companies that have official proof of being in possession of them since before 1968 as in the case of the Terenzi family.

With 40% of pure natural and very rare oils, it is a very high concentration fragrance, inspired by one of the most brilliant stars in the famous constellation of Orion. From this olfactory pyramid a journey to new boundaries of artistic perfumery begins. Here there are no longer limits or rules. There is only the desire to create wonder and beauty, like that of the famous star in the constellation called Orionis. The head of the creation opens with a decidedly unusual combination of rare Saffron from Molise with Frankincense from Miramar, which immediately rushes into the true focal point of this fiery creation, the heart. This is an explosion of marvelous and powerful scents. Precious, aphrodisiac Ambergris, the very famous molecule, jealously guarded in the Terenzi library for over 50 years, is a wisely blended with Musk and Indian Red Patchouli. This expression of Italian luxury artistic perfumery is solidly founded on a base of refined and very rare woods from which Tolu Balm particularly stands out.