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Casamorati - Regio by Xerjoff

Fragrance notes -
Lemon flowers, Calabrian Bergamot, Lavanda flowers, Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang from Comoros Islands, Damascus Rose, Geranium Bourbon, Guatemala Cardamom, Plum of Damascus, Cloves, Patchouly from Indonesia, Vanilla beans from Zanzibar, White Musk, Ambretta Seeds.

A memorable voyage along sea breezes and a collision of warm and fresh aromas like a sudden storm entrapping boats in a gigantic sea. Regio is a clash of warm oriental ylang-ylang and captivating animal nuances with freshly squeezed bergamot and lemon blossom, all cocooned by aromatic herbs and geranium. The fragrance opens with the essence of spices and astringent citruses. With the infusion of lavender and geranium which are promises to its oriental core, Regio is like a fresh breeze and the sun glimmering on the bright surface of a calm sea that tired shipmen in their ships eventually return to from the wrath of sea.

Regio is a rich mosaic of Mediterranean memories. Olfactory blend of fresh citrus fruits. A bouquet of exquisite spices and rare precious woods.