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V - Accento Overdose by Xerjoff

Fragrance notes -
Fruity notes, green notes, eucalyptus, Mediterranean pine, Egyptian jasmine.

One of the standouts from Xerjoff's V line, Accento was the very definition of an elegant feminine scent- an exotic and vivacious burst of tropical fruit and spicy florals layered over a uniquely dry, green patchouli amber. And for the special Overdose edition, that fruity sophistication is given an enchanting new dimension- a proprietary blend of woody musks that intensify and enrich the deeply romantic base to give this version of Accento an unparalleled sophistication.

In Accento Overdose, the fruity-floral bouquet still sparkles, with mouthwatering pineapple and deliciously sweet citrus fruits opening into a sumptuous Egyptian jasmine and Bulgarian rose heart that feelers even fuller and more feminine than the original. The green and balsamic facets lend a sensuous fullness, and the newly enhanced base glows with a timelessly romantic warmth. Each Xerjoff Overdose scent proves that even classics can always be re-envisioned, and Accento Overdose may be the most beautiful vision yet.