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V - Muse by Xerjoff

Fragrance notes -
White roses, Leather, Black Plum, Davana, Labdanum, Jasmine, Benzoin, Amber, Patchouli, Raspberry. 

Muse is a sultry fruity leather that was created as a gift to all women who are beautiful. The word ?muse' stands for a symbol of femininity that serves as an inspiration to artists, thinkers, and writers, espousing the feminine ideal of gentleness, refinement, self-confidence, and independence. A muse is strength and fragility wrapped up in one package - just like the scent Muse. Thus the softness of white flowers and stewed plums meets the harsh toughness of leather and the bitter greenness of artemisia, somehow resolving itself in a harmonious and exquisite pas de deux between the twin forces of male and female. The rich, rolling amber rises up to envelop all the disparate elements in its salted caramel embrace, creating a warmth that's extended in all directions by a powdery benzoin, a juicy raspberry, and the booziness of davana.